6 tips to keep in mind for the best flying experience to Mumbai

6 tips to keep in mind for the best flying experience to Mumbai


Flying journeys are important to every person’s life and stays in one’s memory for a lifetime. This is because flight trips are not something that one does regularly but occasionally and hence, it stays as a memory in one’s heart forever. So, it should be the best memory, especially for those who cannot afford to travel frequently and gather memories often. Therefore, to make it the best flying experience, there are certain key tips that need to be kept in mind.

If you are planning for a trip to Mumbai or any other city, keeping these tips in mind will assure a worry-free flying tour to the location. Wondering which are those tips? Then, scroll down as we have listed them for your convenience. Whenever you are making a flight booking, these tips will come beneficial.

Book flights early

For experiencing the best flying journey, it is essential to book your flight tickets early. Prime seasons witness a lot of crowds and therefore, the fares of the airlines can tend to increase. So, make your flight booking early to ensure travel at cheap rates and also for the best flying sojourn of your life. You can go through the cheapest ticket range first on your preferred travel website and book the one that best fits your needs. In this regard, Intermiles is the best airline website that will offer you the best flight price and is also very convenient to use. You will get amazing deals and discounts for every booking.

Right packing

You must pack your bags in an optimised way. By that, we mean, check the weather reports to understand which clothes you need to pack. You would obviously not want to pack winter clothes for the summer season and summer clothes for the rainy, so this is an important step. Plus also keep the luggage capacity in mind before packing as excess luggage can cost you to spend more money. All the airlines have their specified luggage capacity mentioned on their websites and you must abide by them to avoid any kind of hassle during your luggage checking in the airport. The airlines permit you to carry a minimum weightage without charging any fees for that. Besides, the rules differ for domestic and international passengers so follow their instructions and keep your luggage weight within the limit.

Use flight comparison websites

Always check in to more than one flight website before you book your tickets. This is because different websites can show different deals and you can select the one that lures you the most. In this regard, you can browse the website of Intermiles as it provides a comprehensive catalogue of Mumbai flights with time and other required details. They also provide attractive discounts and you can cross-compare them with other websites before finalising your decision on which to buy the tickets from.

Know Your Terminal

Mumbai being an international airport consists of two terminals. Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal, previously known as the Santa Cruz Airport. This domestic terminal consists mainly of three buildings and houses most of the domestic flights and remains busy especially during the daytime. Terminal 2 is the International terminal, formerly known as the Sahar Airport. The International terminal was newly inaugurated in January 2014 and restored three buildings. This terminal houses all the international flights but few of the domestic flights also land here. The international terminal mainly remains busy during the night with a normal load of more than ninety flyings per day.

Know the Security Basics

When you are planning a trip to Mumbai, you can relax a little bit as Mumbai airport does not require check-ins four hours before boarding your flight. However, there are other basic security checks that if done beforehand will be helpful to you. First of all, the printout of your ticket or a scanned copy on your mobile is a must to enter the airport. You must keep all other essential documents like a passport handy for convenience. Avoid wearing any metallic accessories as you will be scanned by a detector wand. Also, you must never carry any sharpened materials on your luggage as it will be scanned and inspected and you can be questioned for verification if any such things are detected on your baggage. You will only be permitted to board your flight if your hand luggage and boarding pass is stamped by the airline’s security. Check if all your hand baggage is stamped as without tags you will not be allowed to board your flight and may require to go through the whole process of security check-in all over again.

Travel insurance

When you are booking your ticket for a Mumbai flight, it is advisable to have travel insurance. Travel insurance would not only help in protecting you from disaster but also safeguard you from the financial burden owing to adverse situations. They offer a wide variety of benefits to the passengers that include medical evacuation, medical insurance, the refund due to flight cancellation or delay, etc. A travel insurance plan also allows you to avail of certain services in case of crisis. These insurance companies normally provide 24-hour emergency assistance to their customers. You can get some useful advice from these insurance companies when you require a quick solution to your travel-associated problem.

Going on trips is a significant part of everyone’s life, be it for a job or fun. So, follow the above-mentioned travel tips and you will have the best travel experience in Mumbai to recall for a lifetime.