7 Reasons to Visit Sea World with Your Kids

7 Reasons to Visit Sea World with Your Kids


Abu Dhabi is a place to enjoy the exquisite wonders of luxury and the stunning attractions found across the country. People move to Abu Dhabi to escape the daily hustle and bustle of the city and engage in the various activities and tours conducted here. Various places in Abu Dhabi are recommended for visitation purposes, with Seaworld among the few.

Let us gander over the 7 distinct reasons to visit Seaworld Abu Dhabi for entertainment purposes.

The largest aquarium in the world

The Seaworld is referred to as the largest aquarium found here in the world and holds around 25 million liters of water within it. The aquarium is also known to house over 65,000 species of marine creatures, including sharks, stingrays, barracudas, and even small multi-colored fish. The open surroundings of the aquarium enable visitors to check out the marine creatures while strolling along the glass-walled tunnels within. In case going in group then consider coupon or discount code for Seaworld Abu Dhabi tickets that will allow to get best offer. There are around 5 distinct levels incorporated within the aquarium, with a total surface area of 1,83,000 square meters.

Immersive Audio-visuals

The aquarium holds eight zones with beautiful audiovisuals. Learn about ocean facts here. Spatial sound systems with 360-degree movable screens allow you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of the marine creatures here. The screens are around 215 meters in length and 15 meters in elevation in the halls here. The main concept of the aquarium is to make visitors aware of the actual habitats of marine life and the essential rules to follow for a better life. Spend your time with kids and enjoy the wonderful ocean story at Seaworld Abu Dhabi.

8 distinct ocean realms

8 distinct ocean realms

Individuals can enjoy the eight distinct ocean zones in a compact process at Seaworld Abu Dhabi. Among the different realms available, one can catch a glimpse of the tropical ocean, the mangroves, and even the freezing arctic conditions within the location here. Seaworld has the best facilities for marine creatures, which include animal life support and lighting systems for taking proper care of the aquatic animals.

Swim along with the marine creatures

Individuals opting to visit Seaworld Abu Dhabi can enjoy the wonderful waters of the location while wading with the creatures here. Professional trainers and instructors are available at the place to help individuals know the details of the activity. Suits and equipment for swimming and diving are available here for visitors to enjoy their time.

Close encounters with marine creatures

There are various marine creatures to gauge close by, including otters and sea lions, with a chance to hand-feed them over their exhibits. There are several tours and trips conducted over the place that give prominent ideas and knowledge of the 100 creatures present close by. Among the species available to check and hand-feed, there are stingrays, sharks, smaller fish, and even turtles and otters.

Watch stunning presentations at the Amphitheatre

Individuals can immerse themselves in the various presentations and ocean concepts at the Amphitheatre present in Seaworld Abu Dhabi. The presentations produced on the widest screen here comprise habitats of the marine species along with their daily choirs along the mutation process. Ancient and extinct species are also characterized by their normal feeding habits and living conditions.

Dolphin show

The dolphin show is another activity to engage in while at Seaworld Abu Dhabi. There are various species of dolphins available at the park that are trained by some of the best trainers around the world. This show reflects the physical strength and fitness of the dolphins, along with their distinct skills. It is a sight to behold watching the beautiful dolphins swim and splash through the watery terrain, entertaining the guests along the way. The dolphin show here costs around AED 35, and kids are welcomed here at discounted rates.

Closing Notes

To wrap up, the above are the 7 reasons to visit Seaworld Abu Dhabi. Individuals can check out the eight different realms of the ocean here and the varied fish species found across the parts. Travelers can also entertain themselves with the sea lion and dolphin shows conducted here. Many individuals take their kids to the immersive amphitheater shows conducted at Seaworld. Visiting hours are between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., with varied rides and attractions for kids to enjoy here.