Blue Phenomen near Split, Croatia

Blue Phenomen near Split, Croatia


Can you bet you have discovered the most mysterious and mesmerizing place in the world? Definitely can’t. Because there is always much more to discover that no one can explore in a single life. Blue cave stands among those attractions and also is loved and popular among the tourists’ community. This isn’t an ordinary cave but the essence of how nature is the best illustrator. The name blue cave is adopted from its blue glowing interior. Scientifically, the sunlight passes through the top hole and reflects with the limestones underwater. Then limestones glow and including the water they make everything glow blue. Even you would be glowing as you enter at the right time.

This majestic cave is located on Bisevoisland, which is approx. 14 nautical miles far from Split. By speedboat, you can reach there in about 1.5 hours. If you are spending your vacations in Split or you live here and haven’t visited the blue cave, now is the right time. Don’t miss the chance and get yourself prepared. But first, you definitely need to know how to reach there. Here you will be guided about the visit to the blue cave.

There are basically two ways, make a solo trip or buy a group package. Most tourists like to buy services because they want everything readymade and that’s the wiser choice when you don’t want to be conscious about the trip. Yet, it’s your call to make. We will guide you through both ways.

If you are staying in Split, it would be good. There are multiple tourist agencies that offer services for different tours. You can find a blue cave tour from Split at flexible rates. As soon as you booked your ride you will be boarded on a speedboat and taken off to Bisevo Island, where you can finally witness the magical beauty of the blue cave. From there you will have to switch boats because the entrance to the cave is narrow and the normal boat can’t go through.

After that, you will have about 15 minutes for observing the interior of the cave. But that’s not it. One best thing about those tour packages are they are prepared for multiple destinations, which means you still have more to explore. After all, you didn’t spend your money just visiting one place after an exhausting sea journey.

Then there’s a solo trip way, cheap and expensive. The cheap way is a bit lengthier and more exhausting if you don’t own any boats. First, you need to get a public ferry from Split to Vis Island, it will take 1:30 to 2 hours depending upon the route and speed of the boat. Once you step on the Vis, you will need a bus that will take you to the port of Komiza and it will take about 15 minutes. From Komiza port you need another ferry that will take you to Porat port on Bisevo Island in about 1:15 hours. Further, the ferry leaves Porat at 8 am and returns at 1 pm, 4 pm, or 5 pm. So you have to keep an eye on your schedule. If you miss a ferry you might end up stuck on Bisevo Island. Once you reach the port of Porat, you will be able to buy tickets to enter the blue cave.

Whereas the expensive way to reach the blue cave is much easier. All you need to do is to hire a private speedboat that takes you to Bisevo Island. Then you will buy tickets and switch boats to enter. It’s your choice to make though, but both ways of solo trips have their lags. One costs you time while another costs a lot of money. That’s why the wiser way to have fun is to join a group where you can enjoy yourself without being conscious.