Everything You Need To Know About The Ao Nang Resorts In Thailand

Everything You Need To Know About The Ao Nang Resorts In Thailand


Thailand ranks in the 8th spot among the world’s most favored holiday destinations, renowned for its stunning landscapes, delectable cuisine, and vibrant cultural tapestry. The country boasts numerous scenic beaches with inviting tropical waters. Among these, Krabi stands out as one of its most popular destinations, attracting many visitors over the years. The Ao Nang area in Krabi is particularly popular for its abundance of resorts lining the pristine coast and its laidback beach lifestyle. If Krabi is on your list for the next adventure, here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Ao Nang resorts.

Where is our Krabi Ao Nang Resort located?

Our resort in Ao Nang is located in Krabi close to the beachfront of the stunning Andaman Sea. With just a short walk, you can enjoy breathtaking scenery of the pristine sand of the Ao Nang beaches. By hiring a kayak from one of the locals, you can even access the mangrove forests to enjoy viewing some exotic wildlife and waterfalls.

If you want to spend time in town, our Krabi family resort is also a short distance from buzzing markets that showcase the culture of the Thai people. Whether you want to learn to cook a few Thai delicacies or enjoy a relaxing massage, there is always a place to go somewhere nearby in town or even our very own Ao Nang Krabi resort. Beyond spa treatments and soothing massages, the amenities at our resort in Ao Nang also include spa facilities that offer hydrotherapy, a sauna, and steam bathing.

Exploring Krabi

As much as our Ao Nang hotel offers their visitors magical experiences, going beyond our walls and exploring Ao Nang is an adventure all in itself. The markets in Krabi are full of antique shops where you can buy beautiful souvenirs and gorgeous, handcrafted treasures. You could also take a delightful boat ride to the hidden lagoons and limestone cliffs in the surrounding area. Krabi also has some breathtaking islands, like Phi Phi Island and Koh Lanta, packed with white sand and clear waters for island hoppers. The nearby Phang Nga Bay is also famous among sunset chasers, offering a magical view of the limestone karst formations as they rise majestically from the emerald waters.

The Allure of Our Ao Nang Krabi Resort

Our resort in Ao Nang offers magical and unforgettable experiences to their visitors, evidenced by the numerous positive reviews and recommendations. The Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach, in particular, provides an experience beyond the ordinary with its exclusive deals, exquisite rooms and amenities, and mouthwatering Thai delicacies at our Ao Nang restaurant. We also have a Kids Eat and Stay for Free program at our family resort in Krabi, which many tourists celebrate. Of the many Ao Nang hotels, ours is packed with world-class amenities, fun activities, and is only a short stroll from panoramic views of the beaches and the Andaman.

The Locals of Krabi

During your stay at our resort in Ao Nang, you will come across many Krabi locals, whether it is to ask for directions, your room service, the waiter, or your tour guide. The locals in Krabi are primarily descendants of Chinese immigrants. Though Thailand is predominantly defined by Buddhism, inhabitants of Krabi are a mixture of Buddhists, Muslims, thai-Chinese influences, and a small number of gypsies. The mix of cultural beliefs may seem complex and contradictory to outsiders, but the inhabitants have adapted to life and show respect to each other.

Ao Nang is a versatile holiday spot that caters to everyone and every occasion. Whether you’re with your partner, kids, relatives, or colleagues, there’s a resort in Ao Nang suitable for a casual stay, events or even team retreats. The next time you consider visiting any of the stunning Ao Nang hotels, you’ll have a few insights to enhance your experience.