Hampta Pass | A 5 Day Auspicious Trek From Manali

Hampta Pass | A 5 Day Auspicious Trek From Manali



Located in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 14,039ft, Hampta Pass is on the Prin Pranjal range in the Himalayas. It is a trek embracing lush grasslands, alpine meadows of conifer forest, rock walls, freely flowing streams and falling waterfalls, steep glaciers and the list goes on. Astrid across, it has two sides to it. Lahaul is on one side with the parched landscape and rocky mountains while the green valley of Kullu is on the other with full of life. The climb starts off from the popular town Manali with a trekking length of 35 km and stays for about 4 nights and 5 days. Hampta Pass BanBanjara during the monsoons flushes the area with the life and fragrance of nature. It’s the scenery and dramatic climb, welcome trekkers, from mid-June to September with a moderate level of trekking which excites many.

5 Day Adventurous Trek From Manali~ The Itinerary

[DAY 1] Manali To Jobra Drive AND Jobra To Chika Trek

Arrive at Manali through personal means and join the trek leader here.

After a warm breakfast at Manali, the drive to Jobra will begin, which is the base camp for the Hampta pass trek.

At Jobra, a briefing from the trek leader and gear will be given for safe climbing to Chika.

An easy 1-hour walk to Chika along the banks of Rani Nallah followed by 2 hours of climb on a rocky section that leads into a mixed forest of pine, green maple and birch trees.

Continue trekking and walk with River Rani streaming in the lap of mighty rocky hills with its glory.

Day falls, have a memorable dinner and night stay at the tents in Chika.

 [DAY 2] Trek From Jwara To Balu Ka Ghera

The new day begins with the rich breakfast perfect for the journey from Chika campsite to Balu ka Ghera.

The overwhelming feeling will kick in with the first glimpse of the outer Himalayan ranges- Dhauladhar ranges meet the eyes.

The White Range, not as plain as its common name suggests, embraces the green meadows and valley with blossoming flowers.

Still overwhelmed, arrive at Balu ka Ghera, the base for the day. Have much-needed lunch, and have rest of the time to appreciate and blend with nature.

Calling it day at Balu ka Gher, have dinner and rest up in the tents to gear up for the next day.

 [DAY 3] Balu Ka Ghera To Shea Goru Via Hampta Pass

Catch the hour of sunrise if possible and get ready for the experience of the desolate landscape of the Himalayas in the Lahaul and Spiti Valley.

This variation in one region fascinates trekkers, especially the first-timers at Hampta Pass.

The day begins with a steep ascend till the Pass and the enthralling view from the top will set you free. Then, continue descending for the next campsite.

The serene engulfs the valley. Meet and greet the shepherds at this high altitude pass with their sheeps paying a visit for the special grass that grows around the area.

After a brief stopover at Hampta village, the descent to the base camp at Siagoru will start from here.

Rest up overnight at Shea Goru.

 [DAY 4] Trek From Shea Goru To Chatru And Drive To ChandraTal

Wake up to the dreamlike view of the Himalayas and rush to breakfast to continue an easy descent through the Hampta Valley.

The view of Pir Panjal ranges of the inner Himalayan circle will lead the way.

Enjoy and befriend the atmosphere and landscape that will trails along through Spiti to the base camp at Chatru

A meet of three paths – Hampta Pass, Spiti, and Rohtang Pass.

From here onwards it’s a drive to Chandratal, one of the most mesmerising lakes in the region. It is a moon-shaped alpine lake at an altitude of 4250m.

Enjoy your dinner and last overnight at Chatru.

 [DAY 5] Drive from ChandraTal to Manali via Rohtang Pass

Wake to the white noise of the lake and capture every moment as it will be the final day of the Hampta Pass trekking.

After a good breakfast, cross the high altitude pass connecting the humid Kullu Valley, the barren Lahaul and Spiti Valley.

Arrive at Manali and start a personal journey with a head full of memories.