How Airport Parking Works

How Airport Parking Works


Airports started as simple transfer points between ground and sky, and travellers were usually dropped off so that they could catch their flights.  In the 1950s, paid parking lots with security and lighting were introduced. As air travel became common, so did the parking lots, and the number of parking spaces increased as the number of travellers increased. Today most airports are making tons of cash through the fee they charge for airport parking space. However, economic trends and security problems have brought several issues for this business. Still, airports found a way to deal with these issues, and companies started to thrive. The airport Stansted improved with time, and many travellers could park their cars on the airport until they returned from their endeavours.

Airport parking is a huge factor today, and many travellers prefer to be dropped off by their vehicles, and then their cars remain in the airport until they return. Most airlines are providing parking spaces at affordable prices that are convenient for such travellers.

Some of the ways that airport parking works include:

  1. Have drop-off and pick-up zones

Drop-off and pick-up areas are close to the terminals and need curb space. Cars may stand or park within a few minutes, usually 15 minutes, and the room is used by private cars, limos, taxis and shuttles. In some airlines, the terminal space is also served by transit. Pick-up zones are becoming more complicated in this age of ride-share. Since ride-share drivers and travellers need to find each other, wayfinding data has become an unimportant factor. As a ride-share driver in the midlands, you could search for the cheapest car parking at east midlands airport to work with so that you are not charged a lot of money for parking as you wait for your traveller.

  1. Cell Phone waiting lots

Cell Phone waiting lots is an innovative technology in the airline business. Vehicles that come to pick up passengers remain a distance from the main airport until their passenger has picked up all their luggage. Once they are done, the traveller texts or calls the cab driver to pick them up where they are. The services are usually free, so curb drivers don’t have to wait for their passengers on the curbside; they arrive and pick up their traveller.

  1. On-sight long-term parking

This form of parking gives travellers a chance to leave their car at the airport for the duration of time they are off on a trip. Business travellers make up most of the clientele for these particular slots. What happens is that shuttles are the passengers from the long-term lot to the airport entrance; if you are a traveller in a hurry, you access curbside valet from departure zones. Some long-term parking zones offer their travellers concierge services such as a car wash, oil change and fill-up.


This article talks about how cheap airport parking bristol works and the rules you need to follow so that you could be able to park your car.