List of brands: the champions of tourism

List of brands: the champions of tourism


The French have found their way back to vacation. According to a  study, 62% of them left this year for at least four days in a row, 10 points more than in 2008 during the financial crisis. This is good news for professionals in the sector, even if our fellow citizens closely monitor their budgets. They devote 5% on average of their annual expenses to their holidays.

To stay in the nails, finding the most attractive rates on the Internet is now fully accepted. Companies offering a service that is easy to access and rich in offers such as Airbnb for the rental of apartments between individuals or for hotel rooms are in the lead here.

Another major trend, our compatriots remain mostly in France, again for budgetary issues, but also for security. Suddenly, local operators who know how to offer a very high quality service are winning the game, like the Puy du Fou park which passed the 2 million visitors mark last year.

This sequence also includes the ranking of the best in the neighboring categories of hotels and restaurants. Here again, the French people concerned about savings watch the note: 88% of meals eaten outside do not exceed, for example, 16 euros per person. This does not prevent them from being demanding, and chains capable of offering quality service despite low prices, such as Le Kiosque à pizzas, are rewarded here.

HOTELS, CAMPSITES AND CRUISES The world number 1 for online hotel room reservations is also the leader in France. Users appreciate the simplicity of its interface, but also options like free cancellation.

Croisi Europe: The winner of the cruise category is a Strasbourg family group specializing in trips on the most beautiful rivers in the world with all-inclusive packages at attractive prices.


Travelers from around the world: Advisors who are familiar with the destinations on offer, 24-hour assistance, routes that can be easily modified en route are the strengths of this tailor-made travel specialist.

Airbnb: Hoteliers may well cry out at unfair competition, the world number 1 in online booking of tourist accommodation (300,000 offers in France alone) has become essential. Its services are appreciated both by owners (record number of contacts, rental payment) and by tenants (few unpleasant surprises thanks to the trusted third party system).


Le Puy du Fou: In addition to the quality of the shows on offer, the 2 million annual visitors to the famous Vendée leisure park appreciate the quality of the welcome (twenty restaurants, five themed hotels, etc.).


Foodora: Convenient, fast, rich. Last March, our test of home meal delivery specialists highlighted the qualities of this German start-up’s app. Confirmation here by our survey.

The pizza kiosk: Unknown to Parisians, this network of more than 300 points of sale, located only in small towns, specializes in take-out pizza and is renowned for its good value for money.

The survey method

Of the 2,000 companies listed in 176 different sectors, 456 were awarded. Each company in the sector studied obtained an average of 131 opinions on three criteria which made it possible to develop a final score out of 10: the attention paid to customers, the level of professional expertise and the willingness to recommend the brand or not. to his entourage. Note that the rating has been rounded to two decimal places but that the rank takes into account the following decimals. When, in an activity, less than ten companies could be evaluated, only the first two are presented in our tables. Otherwise, it is the top 3 that appears there.