Planning a Medellin Bachelor Party in 2023

Planning a Medellin Bachelor Party in 2023


Medellin, Colombia has slowly become one of the world’s leading bachelor party destinations.

The weather, nightlife, and women have made the city an instant classic and this is only going to improve.

But how are these things planned and what are the best times to visit Medellin?

We’ve put together a dossier of intel to create the best possible Medellin bachelor party. Everything from the best places to stay in Medellin to the best nightclubs and tours.

Why a Medellin Bachelor Party?

Medellin has beautiful women, great nightlife,, and weather. If that’s not enough to convince you to take your last trip as a single man, we don’t know how else to convince you.

Our Parque Lleras and Provenza main nightlife areas were voted by Time out Magazine as the coolest city and best nightlife in 2022.

Best Time to Visit Medellin

Known as the city of eternal spring, Medellin doesn’t have a specific time when you can predict the weather. But there are a few months in the year that allures a different type of traveler.

Easter / Semana Santa – Holy Week or Semana Santa is a week-long event where lots of companies have off. Those who practice Catholicism use this time to either go on vacation with family or attend mass. With Medellin being so popular, everything is open. But on good Thursday and Friday, many businesses for religious reasons don’t open.

December – The holiday season for obvious reasons isn’t popular for bachelor party planning. But that doesn’t make Medellin a popular destination. In December most hotels record their highest occupancy. Families and couples fly out to enjoy the Christmas ornaments and traditional parties for which Medellin is known for.

Medellin Flower Festival / Feria de las Flores – Usually the last weekend in July/first 10 days of August. This is one of the country’s most popular festivals. The flower festival represents the local culture in the form of parties, food, and concerts. There are parades and city-sponsored major events. Hotels are full of domestic tourists, bachelor parties, and families from all over the world. Landlords tend to spike up pricing and reservations in clubs and bars are especially tricky.

You may visit during these times but keep in mind the previous information.

Best Places to Stay in Medellin

El Poblado is Medellin’s trendiest and safest neighborhood. In El Poblado, you will find the main nightlife areas as well as the best hotels, vacation rentals, and restaurants.

For bachelor party groups we recommend vacation rentals as they allow for a more discreet experience. Hotels tend to have too many restrictions. Especially for groups that tend to get rowdy.

If you’re looking for a lavish vacation rental, Medellin Crew has a wide selection of properties. From exotic-looking villas to penthouses, these places have it all. Heated infinity pools, private nightclubs, and all-inclusive concierge services in Medellin.

Best Activities in Medellin

Most bachelor party groups will stay for 72-96 hours in Medellin. More than enough time to take in the sites and get the very best out of the city.

From ATVing through the wilderness to paragliding down the mountain, there is a lot to do. You’ll also find a beautiful man-made lake where you may host a boat party.

The perfect way to balance a hard night of partying and delicious food.

Medellin Nightlife

No Medellin bachelor party is complete without the nightlife. The city has a plethora of pubs and clubs for any type of musical taste. Reggaeton is the prevalent genre but you’ll also find EDM, Salsa, and even some hip-hop.

A few of the most popular nightclubs in Medellin are:

●  Perro Negro: Medellin’s #1 reggaeton nightclub.

●  Gusto: Great place for bachelor parties to meet entertainment for after-hours.

● Dubai: A brand new American-style nightclub boasting an eclectic mix of alcohol and musical genres.

●Envy Rooftop: A Medellin staple, Envy rooftop has been around for over a decade. At the top of The Charlee Hotel in the middle of Parque Lleras, this club has been a hit since day 1. With deep house nights and Salsa nights, this is a great place to pregame before any major outing.

Medellin Strip Clubs

Because no trip to Medellin is complete without a visit to the local strip club, here are a few of our favorites

La Isla is Medellin’s #1 strip club. Located 10 minutes away from the main nightlife area. Here you’ll find everything from private dances and much more.

Fase dos is another traditional Medellin strip club. On any given night you’ll find anywhere between 50-70 girls.

Strip clubs in Medellin aren’t like American strip clubs where you throw money on the stage. In Medellin, girls dance to two songs onstage and then walk around asking for a tip. Don’t worry though, $2,000 COP (50 cents USD) is an acceptable tip.

We recommend a brief visit to both to determine the best one.

Getting Started with your Medellin Bachelor Party

Once you have an idea of dates and # of guests, you can now begin looking at places to stay. A good rule of thumb is, the closer you are to the main nightlife area, the better.

You have an idea of the best tours in Medellin and what type of plan you’d like for your big weekend.

For all other planning or to speak to a Colombia bachelor party expert, be sure to hit up the gurus over at Medellin Crew