Things to Learn About Before Applying for Visa at GDRFA in Dubai

Things to Learn About Before Applying for Visa at GDRFA in Dubai


Getting the chance to work abroad is uncommon, but it could be a fantastic opportunity for you if the option arises. Not only do you get a nice change of scenery from your current place of work, but it can present you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of being surrounded by another culture and enjoying a different way of life to the one you’re used to. Moving to a place such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates can be a bit of a culture shock, especially coming from a western country like the US. Still, it’s a move that is becoming ever more popular as people realize how great the UAE can be to live and work in. Of course, moving to another country, even temporarily, isn’t necessarily the easiest process, so we’ve listed some essential things you should know before you apply for your visa.

The Visa Screening Process

As with any relocation to another country, you’ll need to get through certain official procedures before you’re allowed to enter or stay in the country. For moving to the UAE, you’ll have to arrange for a visa and work permit to live and work here, which are also called labor cards. You’ll need to send all of your relevant paperwork to the GDRFA in Dubai and also to the MOHRE. The process of getting a visa and work permit involves quite a few checks and documents to be filled out and even a medical screening process  to ensure that you’re fit and healthy. It’s important to look for medical fitness center in Dubai and understand the whole process so that you can be prepared before you start. The reason for this medical screening is to ensure that you’re not carrying the disease to the country and are going to be able to work once you arrive.

The Culture Of The UAE

Your first step before moving to any country is to do your research. Moving to a new part of the world surrounded by a completely different culture than you’re used to can be a lot to handle at times. Luckily, the UAE is a well-known multicultural melting pot, with people of hundreds of different nationalities and cultures visiting and living in this great country. Due to its continuously growing and strong economy, it has also become a hotspot for international businesses, further increasing the wealth of the country. As well as being multicultural, the UAE still has some strict rules when it comes to recreational times. Contrary to popular belief, you are allowed to drink alcohol here at licensed bars, but it is illegal to drink on the streets. There is a great balance struck between liberal and conservative mindsets, making the place pleasant for all.

How You’ll Find Accommodation

As with anywhere, it can be fairly easy to find accommodation by browsing the web, but it’s important to have a plan in place before you make this move. It might be worth taking a trip to Dubai beforehand as a tourist and visiting some places in person. There are plenty of apartments and houses that aren’t listed online, and visiting an estate agent in Dubai itself might help you find something much better for you. When looking for accommodation in Dubai, you’ll be able to find everything from apartments that suit various budgets to condominiums and villas. You should ensure that whichever agent you are working with is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency too so that you can reduce your risk of being scammed too.