Tips For Choosing Cheap Airport Car Parking

Tips For Choosing Cheap Airport Car Parking


If you’re traveling by plane, there are many things to consider. The cost of airport parking is one of them. Parking at an airport can be expensive, so it’s worth researching and finding out the best deals, like cheap car parking at Stansted airport, before you book your flight.

Compare prices on the internet.

It’s a good idea to compare prices on the internet. Remember to pay attention to the terms and conditions and the price when deciding. Make sure you understand what you’re paying for and don’t just look at the cheap price, but also check out reviews of different companies on the internet before booking with them.

Book in advance

If you’re looking to save money, booking in advance can be a good choice. Generally speaking, the farther in advance you book your parking spot, the more likely you’ll save money than if you wait until closer to your departure date. However, this depends on what airport you’re flying out of.

A smaller regional airport may have little room on its lot and might run out of spots quickly. In that case, booking well in advance is not going to help much because there aren’t any available spots anyway!

You should also keep in mind that some airports don’t have many options for cheap parking as compared to cheap Manchester airport parking; therefore, it’s worth checking out other transportation options like public transit or ridesharing services instead of just assuming that driving yourself will permanently save money over getting shuttled around by someone else.

Shop around for the best deal

  • Look for coupons and discounts. Many parking companies, such as the cheapest car parking east midlands airport, offer coupons, such as free parking for drivers who book online, so check their website before choosing a car park.
  • Check for specials and deals. Many companies offer discounted rates during certain times of the day or on certain holidays when fewer cars are parked in the lot (such as Thanksgiving weekend).
  • Think about what you’re getting for your money. Is it worth paying more if you don’t want to drive out of your way to get to the airport? Or is it worth saving some money by being closer but having to walk further? You may need to sacrifice some convenience to save some cash!

There are several options for cheap airport parking

The first thing to do is to determine whether you want to park in an off-airport parking lot or onsite at the airport. You can also choose between a shuttle ride or driving yourself.

Off-airport parking is the most common way for people to park their vehicles at airports, and it’s usually cheaper than airport parking. The downside is that you have to drive there and then walk from the off-airport lot back into the airport terminal, which could take anywhere from five minutes (for tiny airports) up to fifteen minutes (for large international airports). If you are okay with walking this far, then off-airport parking is your best bet for saving money on your trip!


With these tips, you can find cheap airport parking Edinburgh. Whether it’s a personal trip or a business trip, the last thing you want is to get stuck with exorbitant rates for your parking space. The first step is always to compare prices. Once you know what kind of deal you’re looking for (and how much money you can spend), it’s time to start shopping around online or calling up local providers directly so that they can give their best prices over the phone.