Why Colorful HardcaseTrolley Bags Have Become Cult-Favorite? Nasher Miles Explains

Why Colorful HardcaseTrolley Bags Have Become Cult-Favorite? Nasher Miles Explains


Instagram pages of travel influencers are filled with colorful hardcase trolley bags that take the travel quotient one notch up. If you’re wondering why these vivid polycarbonate suitcases and trolley bags have become cult-favorite in no time, here are a few reasons we got from none other than Nasher Miles, India’s rising modern luggage brand.

Built to Last

An expert at Nasher Miles shared that the modern hardcase trolley bags are mostly made from 100% polycarbonate or polypropylene which makes them super-resilient and durable. It’s no wonder that Nasher Miles offers a limited lifetime warranty on its range of hardside trolley bags.

Feather Light

Although made for rough and tough handling, these materials are extra lightweight and make for easy travel gear. Luggage made from polycarbonate or polypropylene is easy to lift and doesn’t add up a lot to your luggage weight, shares Nasher Miles.

Added Protection

The last thing a traveler wants is cracks on the outside or meddling with the items inside their trolley bag. Hard shell suitcases are resilient on the outside as they don’t crack under impact. On the other side, the hard shell lends an added layer of protection to your belongings.


Contemporary trolley bags come loaded with eight silent spinner wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. Nasher Miles opines that hassle-free maneuverability makes luggage handling a breeze during tiresome travels. These also come in handy when travelers are in a rush to catch a bus, train, or flight.

Space to Stay Organized

Lastly, hardcase trolley bags and suitcases are designed to offer ample space to travelers. The compartments are segregated with zippered dividers, mesh pockets, and down straps to keep belongings compact and organized.

To conclude, hard shell suitcases have proved their worth to frequent flyers and lone travelers across the globe, and brands like Nasher Miles are treating travelers with ample choice and inspiration to travel more.