5 Things to Do and See in London

5 Things to Do and See in London


London is among the most popular cities globally. It is not just known for being the world’s financial center. It is also a popular tourist hotbed for culture and history.

Most tourists, especially Americans, visit the city for the first time. This is not just because Londoners speak a similar language with a cool accent but also because of cultural and historical connections.

Apparently, the city has many things to see and do. Some of these are not limited to the following:

1.  Hyde Park

This is the city’s most popular park, and it is also among the largest in the country. Hyde Park has historical importance, as it has hosted several protests and demonstrations, including the Suffragettes protests.

Performance artists, protests, and weekly debates still occupy the famous Speaker’s Corner of the park. Plus, the park is home to some memorial features and two water bodies, including the Serpentine.

2.  Stonehenge

Take Stonehenge tours from London and feel its power. While there, you will discover the unidentified pre-historic monument and learn more about different theories explaining its purpose and origins.

Because it is approximately 145km west of the city, you may travel there in two tours by road and 1 hour and a ½ by train.

3.  Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the city’s greatest places to tour. It is not only an architectural odyssey. It is also home to the largest diamond in the world and weaponry & armor.

Since there is a lot to see in the Tower of London, it will be worth it to get there early. You need at least a day to explore.

4.  London Eye

The London Eye should be on your wish list, considering it is the city’s most iconic and must-visit place. Plus, you may get beautiful views and see buildings from the top.

At the time, called the Millennium Wheel, this main attraction in the city was one of the most painful attractions in the country. It welcomes more than 3.4 million tourists every year. So you can imagine the reason why it is important to book your tour early.

Get a camera ready, as you will enjoy amazing views. And as a tip, it is advisable to time your arrival so that you can enjoy a spectacular sunset over the city’s skyline.

5.  London Mithraeum

Like most, perhaps you need to be made aware there was a Roman temple in the city. One of the fun things you can do in the city is visit London Mithraeum, dedicated to Mithras figure.

The Roman temple doesn’t have an entry fee, and you will absolutely find it hidden under the Bloomberg buildings in the city. While there is no entry fee, ensure you book a slot for a guaranteed entry.

The Takeaway!

London never goes to sleep. It is always busy and boasts great places to see and do at night and during the day. Whether you’re into dancing until you drop, food & drink, or culture, now you know what you can do and see in the city.