What Makes Alexandria a Unique City

What Makes Alexandria a Unique City


Although there are countless cities in the country to visit, it can feel like you’re stopping in on the same ones time after time. It’s time for something fresh! Alexandria is an incredible city with a long history, beautiful architecture, and mystery around every corner.  

These are the top things that make Alexandria so interesting and why you should consider visiting soon! 

Fascinating History

Alexandria has only been called a city for 230 years, but the settlement of Europeans in this city goes back over 300 years, and indigenous people have lived in this area for thousands of years.

This history means you can find dozens of gorgeous museums, incredible architectural details, and lots to learn while you’re here. Most Alexandria houses for sale have a touch of history to them and are able to hold their own as both pieces of history and wonderful places to live.

Lots to See and Do

There’s so much to do in Alexandria besides checking out museums! From the incredible Torpedo Factory Art Center, made in a building that’s true to its name, to the gorgeous Mount Vernon estate where George Washington lived, you’ll find something to interest anyone.

This city is also full of awesome bars, restaurants, shops, and more that will make you want to raise your budget and have some fun. There are lots of attractions for the whole family, so there’s no risk of getting bored. 

If you ever need a break, there are also countless parks and areas to sit and relax for a while. This is especially important when traveling with kids or pets!

Short Drive to Washington DC

Washington, DC, has been a hot spot for visitors for the last 230 years- ever since it became the capital of the country. Because of this, Alexandria is in a perfect location where you can stop in and get a breath of fresh air and some relaxation before you go to one of the busiest cities in the world.

This also makes Alexandria awesome for anyone moving to Virginia who wants to be close to DC. Instead of having to live in constant massive city noises and sights, you can have a gorgeous commute and more affordable housing than you could find in the capital.  

The Beautiful River Views

There’s nothing quite like fantastic river views to make a space feel peaceful and interesting to anyone who visits. Alexandria is on the edge of the Potomac River, which means there are plenty of gorgeous water views and fun to be had.  

This riverside city is home to boating, waterside hiking, and swimming! You can rent a kayak or canoe or enjoy wading in the many off-current areas along the river. This isn’t a beachside town, but it is a lot of fun to visit.  

Alexandria is a Dream Come True

Whether you’re interested in a unique vacation spot or you want somewhere new to live that will keep you entertained: it’s time to check out Alexandria! There’s no city quite like this one.