Recent Changes of Dubai Visa

Recent Changes of Dubai Visa


The UAE is a very sought destination for a holiday getaway, business or any opportunities in regards to working. The UAE has introduced several modifications in its Dubai visa policies as part of the comprehensive reforms known as the Advanced Visa System, which came into effect in October 2022. Familiarized by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP), it was one of the most extensive residence and entry permit reforms in the county.

These new Dubai Visa policies are aimed at enhancing the country’s position in the visa spectrum. There have been implementations made to several types of Dubai visas, which in turn aim towards boosting the economy by welcoming foreign nationals for work, leisure travel & tourism and other purposes. Sic

Since then, the UAE has stood up in several media reports stating the new changes on the UAE visit visa extension, an increase in the cost of visa fees, and several others.

With all the changes introduced, we have put together the information to help your understanding of the new policies be much simpler.

No visit visa extensions from within the country

Travelers holding a Dubai visa, no longer have the option to apply for a visa extension from within the country. Individuals with a visiting visa would have to exit and re-enter the country with a new visa. Afi Ahmed, the Managing Director of Smart Travel, communicated, “Visitors have the option of extending their visas for one month at a cost.”

The rise in the fee

In terms of the fees for Emirates IDS and the cost of a Dubai, the visa has increased by AED 100.

5-year multiple entry visa:

With this type of Dubai Visa, tourists can now enter the country multiple times without the necessity of a sponsor or a host and stay in the country for 90 days during each holiday. This also comprises a 90-day visa extension with an additional 90-day stay.

The five-year multiple visas allow visitors to stay a longer time with their families in the UAE. While applying for this type of Dubai visa, the applicant must supply bank statements for the last six months with a minimum balance of $4000 or its comparable in other foreign currencies, proof of housing, flight tickets, UAE health insurance, and other documents such as an invitation letter from friends and family in the UAE.

Overstay fine

In the updated policies, travelers who visit the UAE on their Dubai visa will be charged upon overstaying the country. A spokesperson for Deira Travel said, “This applies to visitors who are exiting through Dubai.” “The out pass is not required by visitors if you are leaving from other emirates,” Along with the fine, visitors must also have an out pass or leave permit at an extra cost before leaving the country.

60-day visas recommenced

Among the recent reforms, visitors can now apply for these types of Dubai visa online and a 30-day visit visa and 60-day visit visas for travelers or tourists who want to have a tour to UAE.

Issuance of an entry permit to visit relatives or friends

The latest policies also state that visitors can apply for an entry permit if there is a relative or a friend of a UAE resident or citizen. The process does not need to be done by a travel agency.

In summary, these newly updated reforms on the Dubai visa are implemented to help the economy of the UAE as well as encourage the competitiveness of the job market and enable stability among UAE residents and their families.