Shopping in Agra: Where to Go and What to Buy on a Guided Tour

Shopping in Agra: Where to Go and What to Buy on a Guided Tour


The city of Agra is well-known for its many rare and now-lost forms of handiwork. A miniature Taj Mahal made of marble is a popular collectible. Markets, department stores, retail outlets, and local bazaars contribute to Agra’s bustling shopping environment. People worldwide, including skilled craftspeople like jewelers, embroiderers, carpetmakers, and weavers, call Agra home. With so many options, shopping for souvenirs during an agra day tour packages can be overwhelming. Some of Agra’s most well-known shopping areas and the goods they sell are listed below.

1. Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar, located close to the Agra Cantt train station, is a popular marketplace in Agra. You can find it here if you’re looking for leather purses, belts, or handmade soap. In addition to various excellent vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants, the area surrounding the market is home to cafes, including Café Coffee Day.

2. Things to buy:

Don’t leave Agra without picking up some leather goods, as they are renowned worldwide. You may find reasonably priced and high-quality goods in Taj Leather World nearby. Head to Sadar Bazaar for all your ethnic wear, footwear, and accessory needs!

3. Subhash Bazaar

Another well-known marketplace in Agra is the Subhash Bazaar, which can be found in Halwai Gali close to the Agra Fort. It is located on the northern perimeter of the Jama Masjid.

Things to buy:

Products made of silk and silk saris

4. Kinari Bazaar

Jama Masjid of Agra may be found close to Kinari Bazaar. Agra’s wholesale market has a rich history, making it a popular tourist destination.

Things to Buy:

Marble, glass, rugs, leather, and textile handiworks.

5. TDI Mall

The TDI Mall can be found on Fatehabad Road, not far from the iconic Taj Mahal. The mall is not only convenient for shopping but also for other entertainment and leisure activities. There is also a large food court offering a wide range of cuisines.

Things to Buy:

The store is well-known for its extensive selection of name-brand and generic goods and apparel.

6. Raja Ki Mandi

It’s one of the most crowded and active marketplaces in Agra. Next to the market in Agra’s Lohamandi neighborhood lies the Raja ki Mandi railway station.

Items for the home and worship, clothing, candy, jewelry, accessories, and women’s goods.

Things to Buy in Agra

  • If you shop in Agra, you must get some marble arts and crafts. A tiny Taj Mahal and magnificent vases, ashtrays, and ornamental boxes are all available in marble.
  • Leather goods, including footwear, apparel, and accessories, are another source of Agra’s notoriety. The best bargains on leather items may be found in the markets of Agra.
  • Another item that you need to get is the carpeting and rugs. Mats, rugs, wall hangings, and carpets are all available for your selection.


The city is stunning, and the shopping is fantastic. Please consider journeying to this stunning location, far from the din of city life. If retail therapy is on your agenda, Agra won’t disappoint. In the taj mahal tour packages, you should visit these places to get a feel for the local culture and enjoy the city’s atmosphere as if you were a resident. However, you should remember to haggle hard for the best price when purchasing.