Sicily Private Tours withan English Speaking Driver

Sicily Private Tours withan English Speaking Driver


There are many reasons to consider a private tour when visiting Sicily. Perhaps the primary reason is that with a private tour, you have your own personal English-speaking driver/guide who can customize the trip according to your interests. This means that whether you’re looking for history, culture, food, or wine experiences, your guide will know where to take you and what to show you so that you make the most of your time in Sicily.

Luxury private tours of Sicily

What could be more luxurious than a private tour of the beautiful and historic island of Sicily? Expert guides will take you to some of the most idyllic spots in this captivating Mediterranean gem, from ancient ruins to stunning coastline. You’ll enjoy all the privacy and personalized attention you desire while experiencing everything that makes Sicily so special.

Private boat tour of Sicily

A private boat tour of Sicily is a great way to explore this beautiful island. You can choose your own itinerary, and visit the places you want to see most. There are many stunning ports and villages to discover, as well as amazing beaches and countryside. The coastline of Sicily is truly spectacular, with rocky cliffs dropping into clear blue waters.

Private tours with a driver in English

Private tours with drivers are a great way to see the sights without having to worry about navigating through busy streets or finding parking. Drivers know all the best routes and can help you get around any traffic congestion. Plus, they can give you insights into local culture and history that you would not otherwise learn from a guidebook.

Sicily private tours

Sicily private tours offer visitors a chance to explore the island’s history and culture while escaping the crowds. Expert guides lead small groups of tourists on custom-made itineraries, designed specifically for each group. This type of tour is perfect for those who want to see more than what is included in a standard package tour or those who prefer to travel at their own pace.

For what is Sicily known for?

Sicily is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Italian Peninsula. It is a large and mountainous island that has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The Greeks called it Trinacria because its triangular shape reminded them of their homeland.

Today, Sicily is a popular tourist destination with many beautiful beaches and ancient ruins to explore. There are also some interesting villages where you can experience the traditional Sicilian culture.

Why you should visit Sicily?

You should visit Sicily because it is the large island in the Mediterranean Sea that has been attracting tourists and settlers for centuries with its beautiful landscape, stunning coastlines, delightful medieval villages, and tasty food. Sicilians are rightly proud of their homeland and visitors can understand why this enchanting place captivates so many people. There is something special about Sicily that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

One of the main reasons why Sicily is so magical is because it contains a bit of everything. The island features pristine beaches, snow-capped mountains, rolling hillsides covered in vineyards and olive groves, active volcanoes, and charming old towns dating back to ancient times. No matter where you go in Sicily. Whether it’s along the rocky coastline or up into the interior, you will find jaw-dropping natural beauty around every corner.

What language is spoken in Sicily?

The predominant language spoken in Sicily is Sicilian, a variant of Italian. However, English and other languages are also commonly spoken due to the island’s tourism industry.

Why is Sicilian different from Italian?

Sicilian is a Romance language spoken in Sicily, southern Italy, and Malta. It descended from the Vulgar Latin spoken by the ancient Romans in their provinces of Sicily and Calabria. Italian, on the other hand, is generally considered to be one of the standardized variants of Tuscan that developed during the Renaissance and became popular throughout most of Europe due to its use in writing by some of history’s most famous authors.