Some of the Best Beaches on the Mornington Peninsula You Should Visit

Some of the Best Beaches on the Mornington Peninsula You Should Visit


The Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful suburban area in Melbourne, Australia. It springs from Frankston in the west to that of the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD in the east and encompasses many suburbs like that of Mornington, Moorooduc, that of Rosebud and Mount Martha.  You can even find amazing restaurants on the beach Mornington Peninsula for a streak of merriment and enjoyment.

Anyhow, you know the peninsula possesses a population of nearly 230,000 folks and even provides a number of gorgeous looking beaches for locals as well as tourists alike to relish. There are so many amazing spots to visit in the Mornington Peninsula for tourists. During the summer months, you are going to find additional things to do on the Mornington Peninsula like fruit picking, carnivals, and even New Year’s festival activities. The population in the summer months grows due to day-trippers and that of holidaymakers making the Mornington Peninsula their prime place for a vacation in Victoria. And once you are in this region of the world, you cannot simply miss out on some of the most lovely and phenomenal beaches. Have a look at some of the best ones below:

Sorrento front beach

You should make your way towards the front end of Sorrento wherein the Queenscliff-Sorrento Ferry departs regularly to make the journey across Port Phillip to that of The Bellarine Peninsula and you are going to find a tiny tucked away beach just west of the breakwater to what is one of the finest beaches on the Mornington Peninsula. You would not find too much of a rush on this beach and perhaps, that is one of the greatest things about this one you can spend some quality and private time with your partner, family and friends here.

Mount Martha Beach South

Wrinkled with colourfully schemed beach boxes costing upwards of $100,000, Mount Martha beach south is definitely one of the finest beaches on the Mornington Peninsula. It is a place that feels like it deserves a spot on a postcard. Come on, you know this beach sits opposite to that of mount martha shops along the Walkway so it is quite well situated for your post-beach snack and coffee.

A completely gorgeous stretch of Australian paradise, it actually extends from the Southern side to that of the Northern side wherein you will find wind surfers simply taking out their boarding on a windy day. You know, clear skies and that of no wind however make for an ideal day on the water, and is generally a justly quiet beach due to its length and width meaning there is a ton of room for people to relish whilst that of having their own space. You can take up amazing shots at this place for sure.


To sum up, you can find some amazing times and moments at these beaches. You are surely going to have some delicious food, relaxing spots and amazing experiences for sure. Whether you are alone, with your partner, friends or anyone else; these baches are going to pamper you with some amazing feel and vibe.