The 5 Best Beaches in Australia

The 5 Best Beaches in Australia


Rimmed by about 58,000 kilometers of the sun-soaked coastline, Australia is popular for its all amazing beaches. Most of those gleaming beauties grace a list of amazing beaches globally. With around 10,000 beaches in the country to choose from, you can be sure to find a perfect stretch of the coat for your favorite activities, like sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

From a curvaceous cove in Tasmania to blonde-bombshell beaches in Queensland and coral-fringed bays in Western Australia, the country has an amazing stretch of sea and sand to dazzle. So pack your Turkish beach towel, swimsuits, sunscreen, and other essentials and explore the following beaches in the country:

1.  Whitsunday Islands

Hamilton Island is basically a premier vacation destination for individuals looking to explore Whitsunday Islands as well as the Great Barrier Reef.

This island is home to the most popular beaches, Catseye Beach, and features many outdoor activities like snorkeling and boating. Know that most amenities and resorts are also situated on the peninsula of this island.

2.  Bells Beach

This beach is set along the expanse of the Great Ocean Road, promising visitors a surfer’s paradise. The most powerful point break in this spot is popular globally, and it hosts world championship surfing contests yearly.

The beach is also regarded as the country’s surf capital as it brings both amateurs and professional surfers, allowing you to hit the waves.

If you just prefer watching, you may visit the beach during the competitions, especially for Bells Beach Easter Rally help every Easter weekend. This brings tourists and locals worldwide to see surfers compete on the waves.

3.  Manly Beach

This beach is located in Sydney and is popular for the Rugby Union team. Many people have been swimming in this beach for centuries, and more than 52 years ago, the first championships for surfing were organized here.

The ferry usually departs from Circular Quay – so your trip will be worth it. More tourist infrastructures have grown with the popularity of this beach, including shops aplenty, restaurants, and bars. A few walking trails also add to the beach’s attraction for individuals looking to break from sunbathing.

4.  Noosa Main Beach

It is situated a few hours out of Brisbane. Just have one visit to this destination, and you will feel like you are on the best holiday.

Noosa Main Beach remains a must-visit with clear blue water and beautiful white sand if you find yourself in southeast Queensland.

5.  Turquoise Bay

The beach is deemed the second-best beach in the country, thanks to its snorkeling opportunities and stunning reef.

Allow the current take to the exquisite and popular Ningaloo reef to see creatures, such as colorful parrotfish, reef sharks, moon wrasse, and anemone fish, just to name a few. However, be wary of very strong currents near the sandbar.

The Bottom Line!

With more than 10,000 beaches scattered across the country’s immense coastline, Australia has more than its share of amazing beaches and touring each one of them can take a lifetime.

Although every beach in Australia has something unique, be it whale-watching, scuba diving, or sunset camel rides, they are all united by their inviting, warm waters and dazzling white sands.